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Meet Molly Sadowski


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Molly is a former Aveda educator and has more than 16 years of experience in the beauty industry. Perfecting her craft in the Pacific Northwest after starting her career in Denver, the Northern California-native opened Lovesong Salon with Brooke Robinson in 2020.


She is speedy without rushing and will have you back to work before your lunch break is over. As featured in Lucky magazine, Molly has worked in all facets of the industry, from photoshoots to fashion week. But, her favorite place to be is in the salon with people she sees every day in her community.  


On the rare occasion that Molly doesn’t have her hands in hair, she’s DIY'ing something or brushing up on her Housewives knowledge. A true Cancer, she's happy at home. Snuggling with her eclectic mix of pets, from her pig, Coco to her odd couple dogs, Liza Minelli and Big Dom. 


Get to know Molly


  • Favorite hair icon: Anyone that hairstylist Chris Appleton styles. From JLO to Kim K and back around again, he plays with so many looks, from current street style to classic old Hollywood and everything in between.

  • Favorite hair tool: A blowdryer. It makes crazy growth patterns my bitch. And dry shampoo, because who likes to wash every day?!

  • Specialties: Melted color, extensions and large or small changes that grow out softly to ensure that my clients look as good the day they leave the salon as the day they come back to get their hair redone. 

  • Best part of client relationships: There is so much trust involved! I also adore the relationships because it allows me to get to know the client and make more informed recommendations and changes.

  • Favorite entertainment: Any celebrity memoir and anything on Bravo

  • Astrological sign: Cancer. Very much a Cancer.

  • Favorite celeb couple: Jim and Pam. I only hope to find someone that looks at me the way Jim looks at Pam. Elizabeth Taylor and any of her husbands — she loved and loved HARD. Khloe and Lamar. I really wanted them to work out. Chrissy and John, because duh.

  • Fashion trend that needs to stay gone forever: Super low waist pants. Please, sweet baby Jesus, never come back in style.

  • Go-to food and drink: Indian food! Siri on 23rd is the best in town. I also love pizza—any style and kind. Boujee or quick and dirty—I don’t discriminate. Also, champagne or an Old Fashioned.

  • Wise words to live by: “If you die today, whatever you are wearing is your ghost outfit. Choose wisely.”

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