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Meet Joy Bush


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Favorite Lovesong: Whole of the Moon - the Kirin J. Callinan version 


Looking for a swishy bob? Want your curls carved and styled for maximum bounce? Wishing your highlights would grow out to so soft that you forget they’re not natural? Meet your new favorite stylist! Joy has been doing hair in Portland for over a decade and has perfected the art of imperfection. Let Joy help you love your hair for what it is, not what you wish it would be. 


Just as comfortable at a pro-wrestling show as a fashion show, Joy loves campy as much as she loves classy. A native Oregonian who prefers the indoors, you’re more likely to find her curled up by a fire than on a hike. But being the mother of little girl means she is most likely putting together a Lego set or folding laundry. 


Get to know Joy


  • Favorite hair icon:  Sarah Jessica Parker. I fought my texture for so long but her curls in SATC made me feel so good about my own hair. Honorable mention to Bernadette Peters in The Jerk and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine.

  • Favorite hair tool:The Dyson blow dryer. It’s so good. I really didn’t want to love it, but I’ll be damned if that thing isn’t incredibly efficient.

  • Specialties:Curly cuts, thick hair, bobs, and lived-in color. 

  • Best part of client relationships: That moment in the appointment when I know I’ve nailed it. Their face lights up and we both feel so good. 

  • Favorite entertainment: Screen time, baby! The Golden Girls, Friends, 30 Rock, Strangers With Candy, Beetlejuice, Moulin Rouge, Madonna: Truth or Dare, 9 to 5, Bridesmaids, Auntie Mame. Also, the Prince Sign ‘O’ the Times concert movie is a masterpiece. I could watch it every day. 

  • Astrological sign:  Gemini - sorry.

  • Favorite celeb couple: Kurt and Goldie. They are so beautiful. Overboard left a big impression on me.

  • Fashion trend that needs to stay gone forever:  Fatphobia. Get outta here with that garbage. See also: low-rise jeans 

  • Go-to food and drink: Carbs with cheese and a fountain Diet Coke. So happy. 

  • Wise words to live by:Find out who you are and do it on purpose. - Dolly Parton 

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