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Meet Brooke Robinson


Brooke Robinson, co-owner of Lovesong Salon, has established her reputation as a sought-after hairstylist through her experience in salons from her native South Florida to New York City’s Upper East Side,  to the Bay Area and, the first five years in Portland at Ginger Salon.

With a keen eye for detail, her creativity, and her laid-back personality, Brooke strives to create gorgeous, sophisticated looks for her clients by asking the right questions and establishing trust and comfort. Her clientele ranges from executives to creatives and everyone in-between.

Skilled in many techniques from over a decade and a half of experience, Brooke specializes in long-lasting highlights, blondes, multi-dimensional natural color, thinning and fine hair, pixie cuts, effortless long styles, and extensions. She also provides helpful tips and tricks to help her clients make the most of their style at home.

Brooke spends her time outside of the salon with her two children, two cats and two dogs while nurturing a love of all things pop culture.

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Get to know Brooke


  • Favorite hair icon: I'm a Gwen girl. Gwen Stefani was the inspiration for everything in my youth and now I'm entering my Gwyneth Paltrow inspired era. I appreciate experimentation and classic iconic refinement.

  • Favorite hair tool: Right now I'm really into Color Wow products. The dream coat and Money mask are incredible.

  • Specialties: Classic hair cuts with a soft modern edge, multidimensional color, blonding, Pura Luxe smoothing treatments, and hair extensions for fine hair.

  • Best part of client relationships: Some hair color appointments are three hours plus so I really get to know them. (Guilty, I’m a talker.) I love learning from the people that sit in my chair. Let’s share beauty secrets, favorite restaurants, family anecdotes. I’m a gluttonous consumer of culture. You’ll see me at a big pop show, indie concerts, or the theater. I’ve skimmed the headlines, I read some stuff. I’m watching the new HBO show. I absolutely want to gossip. Let’s get deep if the mood strikes, or we can keep it light. I always read the room and love a quieter vibe too.

  • Favorite entertainment: TMZ, TikTok, art films, documentaries, last 6 minutes of an NBA game. 

  • Astrological sign: Sagittarius 

  • Favorite celeb couple: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • Fashion trend that needs to stay gone forever: Yeezy's

  • Go-to food and drink: I love Malka, Paadee, and Baby Doll Pizza in Portland. Diet cokes are for the good time gals.

  • Wise words to live by: Less is More

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